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Lights up: Sleek and Stylish Light Switches

Many homeowners are accustomed to leaving certain simple home décor items just that, simple. Think of the light switch covers in your home. Are they the basic versions that were installed with the house you bought? What color are your light switch covers? Do you remember what color they are? That’s OK, because if you’re looking to add some pizazz to any room light switch covers can be a very inexpensive way to add character to any room of your house. You can add some “pop” to your living room, study or bedrooms with different light switch colors, textures and formats. Light switch covers may be a small detail in a large room; however, they add just the right amount of visual classiness that can shine in any room. Visit your local hardware store and browse their selection. You can also go online and search for a larger selection in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to select a style that fits with your taste and the ambiance of the room. You probably don’t want to go for a Disney themed light switch cover for the study. But a Disney themed light switch cover for your four year old son is the right way to go. You’ll also want to make sure that the color that you pick matches the color of the room. Installing light switch covers are a snap! For safety reasons, please be sure to turn off the power in the room where you are changing light switch covers. You’ll want to use a screwdriver to remove the original cover. Make sure and measure your light switch area so that you are covering up the wires and exposed drywall. And make sure and look at what type of light switch toggles you have and match them up with the new cover. All you have to do now is replace the cover by screwing the new light switch cover in the proper place. To keep the theme consistent, we suggest that you replace the outlet covers as well. You’ll know what we mean when you add the new light switch covers. Now you can view your new décor from afar and see the difference this small and inexpensive addition made to your rooms. Replacing light switch covers says a ton about the personality of you as a homeowner. And one of the best parts about light switch covers: they are easy and inexpensive enough to be updated as many times as you want. Take our advice: replace the light switch covers if you ever get bored of the same old things in your rooms. And if you ever get tired of your current carpet, call Sloane’s Carpet Secret for the best discount carpet in Colorado.


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