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Kid-Friendly House, Teen-Friendly Basement

It’s September, and that means that kids are going back to school. It’s time for you to take a look at your house and get it ready for the fall and winter months. Are your babies growing up to be infants? And are you pre-teen kids growing up to be teenagers? With every calendar year, homeowners (parents) must be cautious of the little kids hurting themselves on normal household furniture and fixtures. Protecting your home from accidents goes further than just covering up the wall sockets. Make sure and watch for sharp corners on tables and walls. A little padding goes a long way to ensure that your little one won’t be going to the emergency room. Also, rugs help from slipping and provide some additional padding for those falls that seem to happen all the time. Be sure to check your window coverings. Do you have long strings that hang to the floor, or do you have drapes that are within a small child’s reach? If so you may want to cut the long string or remove the drapes until your kids get a little older. The accessories of drapes and curtains can cause children to trip or pull a heavy curtain rod on top of them. As your children turn into teenagers the same safety still applies. Sure they may be moving to the basement, but you need to make sure that the space is safe. Cover up unused pipes that may be sticking out of the foundation. Be sure to add ceiling tiles to the ceiling to help keep the room cold in the summer and hot in the winter. Make sure that a proper lock is on any windows or doors to keep intruders out. Nice carpet or rugs go a long way in not only keeping up the look of the basement, but for safety reasons as well. They provide a nice cushion for any unexpected falls (yes, even the bigger kids fall). Another thing to look at is the furniture. You’re not going to put a nice table or couch in the basement. Be sure to get furniture that is not easily breakable. Keep all that furniture for the upstairs for you to enjoy!


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