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How to Select your Carpet Color

Congratulations on your decision to purchase new carpet! One of the most common questions we get asked at Sloane’s Carpet Secret when we’re helping customers select new carpet is: What color carpet do we recommend? There are several questions we ask our customers—about their lifestyle, characteristics of the room to be carpeted and décor—to help them decide what color carpet they should get. To help you before you even get to our showroom, we compiled these useful standards to help you determine the best color fit for you.

How will the room get used and by whom?

If you’re shopping for an area of the house that will get frequent use or if it has direct access from outside, it’s probably not a great idea for you to select a white or very light color of carpet. Do you have pets or children or plan to entertain a lot? Frequent use and a higher-than-average possibility that accidents will occur would be another reason to steer away from light colors. However, lighter colors are very sophisticated and tend to be the perfect color to complement some interior designs.

How big is the room you want to carpet?

Generally, a lighter color carpet makes smaller rooms appear bigger, while darker carpet colors tend to make a room feel a bit more intimate.

What are your cleaning pet-peeves?

Darker colors are often quite dramatic, but you must vacuum the carpet regularly to remove dust bunnies and pet hair (especially if your furry family members have light-colored hair). You may need to clean lighter color carpet more often to remove signs of dirt.

What’s the lighting like in the room to be carpeted?

A room with an abundance of natural light will showcase the true color of the carpet. For rooms that are a bit more shaded, carpet might appear darker than it really is. Therefore, you might opt for a lighter hue. Also, the lighting in the showroom will likely be different than the lighting at your home. Ask to take home a sample to see how the color will actually work in your room.

What’s the décor?

Bring as much of “home” with you to the showroom as possible. Swatches of fabric from the window coverings or furniture in the room to be carpeted, as well as paint chips allow us to help make a very informed decision about what color would be best.

Neutrals and multi-colored designs are always in fashion

Since neutral tones go with just about anything, it’s always a good choice to use as a foundation. You can add your personal flair to the room by accessorizing. Multi-colored designs are gaining in popularity. They are often easier to maintain than some solid colors and add more pizzazz than a typical neutral.

How to Use this Information

Still have questions? Download our Carpet Buyer’s Guide to help you make your carpet selection. We are also just a phone call away and are happy to help. Please call 303-300-9555 or contact us online today and let us know how we can assist you.