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How To Make Your House Guest Feel Right At Home

Do you remember what it was like visiting some of your friends in college? You would walk in, and there would be beer cans on the floor, the kitchen sink would be full, there was a series of mysterious stains all over the carpet that couldn’t be explained, and to boot, you would love an ice-cold drink right about now. Suddenly, you’re not feeling very comfortable, and you’ll relish at the opportunity to return to your home. As you’ve grown up, you’ve probably realized the importance of making your guests feel at home when they visit. You want your guests, whether they are friends, family, or colleagues, to come into your home and be able to relax as they enjoy your company. Fortunately, there are some simple methods to accomplishing this. Here is a breakdown of some commonplace practices that will get your guests flooding you with compliments on your home.

This first tip should be a no-brainer. You should always keep your home clean, especially when you have guests coming over. Just remember the college scene I described earlier, you don’t want your guests to be spending the majority of the night wondering if a strange patch in the carpet is going to move. Keep your home as tidy and spotless as physically possible. Vacuum at least once a week, pick anything up that lands on the floor, stray away from eating outside the kitchen and dining room. Simple rules like that will ensure that the house chores don’t pile up. Simple day-to-day maintenance can go a long way.

Another good rule to follow is maintaining accessibility to food and drinks at all times. When you’re at home, you don’t have to ask whether you can go eat or drink something, so why should your guest? Set up some appetizers on the tables, designate an area where drinks can be served and make sure that area is constantly stocked. If your guest doesn’t feel like they have to ask every time they need to quench their thirst or satisfy their snack-attacks, it’ll make them feel less like their imposing. If they don’t feel like they’re ever being rude, then they can focus more on socializing and enjoying your nice, clean home.

Finally, something to consider is the feng shui of your home, so to speak. You could have the cleanest home in the world outfitted with a feast of feasts, but if your guests walk in and notice you lack any seating, there’s an awkwardly placed cabinet in the center of the room, and the rug is a putrid color, they’ll be running for the door. Ultimately, you will need to balance practicality and the aesthetics of each room your guests will be occupying. Make sure that there are enough seats in the room, a table in a reachable place from those seats, and that furniture is placed in logical places. Then, you can consider such nuances as what carpet colors would go with your couches, or what kinds of chairs would be eye-popping yet comfortable. The furniture and carpet flooring you choose is just as significant for your guests as any of the aforementioned tips. When looking for appropriate carpeting to please your guests, look no further than Sloane’s Carpet Secrets, a carpet store based out of Denver. Not only will they be able to select the perfect carpeting for your home, but they’ll sell that carpet to you at an amazing price. Sloane’s Carpet Secrets is the best place to get quality discount rugs in Denver.

How To Use This Information

Make your guests never want to leave with any of these tips. Follow even one of these tips and you will find more guests asking to come over for a social visit.

What do you do to please your house guests?