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How To Make Your Home Feel Like a Mountain Lodge

When you picture a mountain home, there are certain intricacies of the home that almost always come to mind. Wooden finishes on everything, a darker ambiance, stone chimney; these are just a few staples that come to mind. But when it comes to furnishing your home, the stereotype becomes less clear. When living in Colorado, or any mountain state really, it can be nice to fit in with the crowd by giving your home a more rustic feel. Here are some helpful tips to turn your home from that suburban clone into a mountaineer’s lodge.

Ultimately, when planning your mountain home theme, the first thing to always remember is the darker theme. I’m not saying you need to fill your home with the blackest black there is, but you’ll want to stray away from warmer colors. Pick dark reds, blues, and greens for all your furnishings, and avoid anything that “pops”, or it will seem out of place. Furthermore, as stated above, wood is your best friend. The more wooden furnishings you have, the more realistic your mountain home will seem. Obviously, don’t strictly carpet your home with wood and throw out everything else. Everything in moderation after all, but if the spectrum for moderation had an extreme, then that’s where you’d want to fall for the amount of wooden furnishings in your home. Some alternatives for wooden furnishings may include really any furniture that looks more natural. Jagged edges, stones composition, leather tops, anything that doesn’t necessarily look like it was mass produced will give your home a more authentic feels.

Next comes your walls. A classic mountain lodge will never lack décor along the walls. Whether you go with something as simple pastel painting of the forest, or as ambitious as a deer head mounted over your fireplace, hanging things on your walls will complete the image. Just make sure you stick to one theme: that everything relates to the great outdoors; and more specifically, something that relates to the forest.

Speaking of forests, if you feel that this concoction is a little too grey for you, then there are ways to add some color into your home without interfering with the overall mountain theme. You have to stick with natural items, and what better natural item than some plants? Outfitting any room with a plant or two can bring more vivid color to your rooms while still maintaining its rugged appearance.

Finally, there’s carpeting. Because wood and stone look more natural than carpet, it would behoove you to prefer those designs in the grand scheme of things. But that doesn’t make it impossible to use carpets. In fact, when used correctly, the use of appropriate carpeting can augment your mountain home appearance. For instance, you may consider placing an intricate rug beneath your dining room table. You may also utilize carpeting in the bedrooms, where comfort is always prioritized over aesthetics. There are places for carpeting in a mountain home, and companies like Sloane’s Carpet Secrets will always know exactly what carpet would best suit your home.

How to Use This Information

There are many ways to give your home that sense of the great outdoors. When combined, the image of a mountain lodge can be realized fairly easily. Take all these tips into consideration when trying to redesign your home and make sure you buy great furnishing like some quality rugs from Sloane’s Carpet Secrets, a discount carpet flooring retailer based in Denver, when making your selection.

What do you do to give your home that mountain lodge appearance?