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How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Selecting affordable, quality carpes for your house is one of the final steps in creating a unique, beautiful home. Choosing carpeting doesn’t have to be an exhausting or expensive endeavor. When you purchase carpet from Sloane’s Carpet Secret, you are assured of a long-lasting, richly colored product that will provide the ideal finishing touch for your home.

When selecting carpet for your home, there are several things to take into consideration:

First, examine the durability of the carpet yarn. High-quality carpets have tightly twisted strands of yarn that will retain their shape much longer. Carpets that are more loosely woven will lose their shape faster and need to be replaced more often.

Second, select the correct carpet padding to protect your investment. Quality carpet padding should lie flush beneath the carpet and be slightly firm to the touch.

Third, accurately measure the size of the room you plan to carpet – this ensures that no carpet is wasted and guarantees you the best fit and style for your space. Our measuring guide is the perfect tool to help you determine what you will need.

Contact us for more tips on selecting carpet or to purchase quality, affordable carpet for your home. Sloane’s Carpet Secret offers only premium brand carpet with slight irregularities. The minor irregularities do not affect the durability of the carpet and are typically undetectable. We have thirty years of carpet purchasing experience and promise you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Our experienced staff members look forward to helping you put the finishing touches on your home!

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