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Home Renovation Trends To Watch In 2019

Whether you’re flipping a home, buying a new one, or sprucing up a house you’ve lived in for a long time, renovating a home can be a daunting task. You’ll probably be inundated by ideas from every angle. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. We scoured the web for the biggest home renovation trends to keep an eye on for your big project this coming year.

Velvet Furnishings Are Making A Comeback

Lots of people think of velvet as a stuffy, outdated material — the kind of thing that was more at home in your parents’ house than in yours. But just like shag carpet, velvet is making a comeback! That old-fashioned reputation is now seen as luxurious, yet funky.

Velvet is also a great contrasting texture to carpets with longer piles. We’ve talked before about making sure your furniture complements your carpet, and velvet is the perfect way to offset your flooring with a mix of qualities that’s exciting to look at and touch.

Getting Back To Nature

In a step back from the clean, tech-focused looks we’ve been seeing, 2019 looks like the year that the pendulum swings back in the direction of natural materials. Stone, copper, concrete, granite, lightly-finished woods, and houseplants will bring an organic, calming feel to your home that reflects the world around you.

This goes for flooring, too. You don’t have to go with fully natural carpets to get that organic look — natural fiber carpets have their pros and cons, and they might not be right for your home — but earth tones and berber flecks can enhance the soft, living look of your home.

Spruce Things Up With Floral Patterns

Floral patterns have been around here and there for a while, and they’ve come in and out of fashion more times than we can count. This year, look for exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors to spice up age-old floral patterns.

If you don’t feel like making such a bold statement, you can add floral patterns to select areas of your flooring with textured carpet. The color of the carpet remains the same, but different loop heights or a mix of cut piles and level loops can create a subtle pattern that’s striking without being overwhelming.

Geometric Patterns Are In Vogue

It’s not just organic patterns that are coming back into style — geometric shapes go hand-in-hand with the resurgence of natural materials like wood, stone, and concrete. Whether you’re replacing plain white bathroom tile with something a little more interesting or using carpet tiles to create an eye-catching buffalo plaid look, bold colors and oversized patterns are all the rage.

Going Bold With Jewel Tones

While lots of renovators and decorators are going with dark, bold colors in kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms are taking a different tack. Bright, deep colors like emerald green, indigo, and aquamarine brighten up a bedroom without making it feel too dark — at the same time, these shades will create a relaxing environment in the rooms you spend most of your time.

You can get these colors simply by painting a wall, or you can mix it up with carpet, rugs, bedding, or accent pieces. A little pop of color will make your bedroom or living area stand out and set you apart all at the same time!