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Home Remodeling – Not as Bad as You Think

Most homeowners dread the idea of remodeling: images of living with piles of dust and dirt for months at a time often come to mind. Take on projects one at a time and you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll stress less.

Remodeling doesn’t necessarily mean tearing down walls with a sledgehammer and blowing your budget. Change can be created in small ways: remove that dated wallpaper and paint the walls with a new color, tear up dirty old carpet and replace it with discount name brand carpet, add crown molding for that custom look, replace dated light switches with the newer flat design, add dimmer switches for a touch of the dramatic, replace old door and cupboard hardware with a newer design and an updated finish, the list is almost endless.

As each project is completed, your home will take on a new personality. Not every home  remodeling project has to be a major effort, it’s the little details that help make your home shine.