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Home Remodeling: 10 Tips for Creating Your Home Office

Whether you need a once a week area to pay bills or if you’re running a business from home, create an area that is conducive to work as well as comfortable. Here are a few tips:

  1. WHERE? – Choose an area where you will want to spend time. Do you need “quiet”? In or out of household traffic? Is a window a necessity?……You get the idea.
  2. FUNCTION OVER FORM – We know you like “pretty” but does it fit your needs? Make sure that your new pieces accommodate your workload ,and that they serve a purpose.
  3. BUY A GOOD CHAIR – Get a chair that fits your desk, your back and tush. It’s as simple as that. While we’re on the topic of making your body comfort, why not think about your feet? Plush Denver carpeting can really make a room more comfortable.
  4. ATMOSPHERE IS VITAL – Paint the walls in a color you love. Use a wall photo mural. Make your area inviting so you want to spend time there.
  5. SOMETHING TO LOOK AT – Position your desk where you can stare at something other than a blank wall. If a window is impossible, position your chair to face the door or a nice piece of art.
  6. CHOOSE ACCESSORIES WISELY – This is YOUR space. Make it your own. Hang a favorite print. Family photos are always a good touch.  Blow up a recent vacation photo of that special sunset. You want to be inspired.
  7. VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL – Don’t hesitate to use floating shelves on walls to stay organized. Use vertical file folders on your desk. File cabinetsshould be within arm’s reach.
  8. TAME THOSE CORDS – Don’t let phone/printer/computer cords take over your room. Get a cord organizer so accidents may be avoided. They can be color coded to avoid future confusion.
  9. LIGHTEN UP – Use a small desk lamp for task work. General overhead lighting should be plentiful.
  10. IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER – Call an electrician to ensure that you have a good power supply. Install floor outlets. Consider going wireless