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Following Sloane’s — How We Source Our Carpets

Sloane’s Carpet Secret has been serving the Denver community’s carpet needs since 1979, providing name brand carpets at discount prices, usually more than 50% off of manufacturers’ suggested retail prices.

Want to know how we do it? Keep reading!

The Sloane’s Carpet Secret

So how do we manage to keep prices so low? By selling the largest collection of high-end closeouts and Grade-A irregulars in Denver. No other carpet provider comes close. We keep operating costs and overhead low by operating out of a no-frills warehouse, with the added benefit that you can come see and inspect the exact piece of carpet we’ll be putting in your home.

What are Carpet Irregulars?

The carpets we sell contain small irregularities, so we can source them directly from the factory at a fraction of their normal price. We make sure that the irregularities in our carpets aren’t structural — they never affect the durability or wear of the carpet, and oftentimes you can’t even see them until we point them out.

Sometimes a roll of carpet comes off the loom a little bit lighter or darker than was specified, so it doesn’t match other rolls from the same batch. Sometimes it’s cut improperly, so it’s an inch narrower than the standard 12-foot roll. Sometimes there are subtle streaks that will go away with vacuuming. And sometimes it’s simply a discontinued style.

No matter what the irregularity, there will never be any surprises. When you come to Sloane’s, we’ll take you on a tour through the warehouse, where our experienced staff can help you find the exact material, style, and color that’s right for your home. Our inventory is always cycling through as we sell through stock and bring new stock in, so if you don’t find anything you like, come back later!

Once we find you the perfect carpet, we’ll roll out the entire thing for you, right there in the showroom. There, we’ll point out any irregularities that your roll has so that you can examine them up close or from a distance. If you approve it, we’ll have the roll packaged up and brought to your house by our network of master installers. If you don’t like the look of the irregularity, we won’t install the carpet.

Quality is Key

Sloane’s isn’t about selling the cheapest carpet available. If you want to carpet a home for the lowest possible price, Sloane’s probably isn’t for you. We only sell name-brand, quality carpet that we’re proud to have installed in family homes all over Denver. After all, we install our carpet in our own homes; we don’t offer carpet we wouldn’t accept for ourselves.

If you want top-of-the-line carpet in all the latest styles and colors, give us a call! We carry all the best brands at a fraction of the price you’d pay at any other retailer. If you want high-quality, durable, long-lasting carpet for less than you’d spend anywhere else, Sloane’s is the place for you.

Where Do We Get Our Carpet?

So why isn’t everyone doing this? Simply put, they don’t have our connections. Sloane’s has been making and maintaining relationships with carpet manufacturers for 40 years, so we can source only the highest-quality irregulars to sell in our showroom.

First, we go to trade shows and events like The International Surface Event in Las Vegas to keep up with the latest trends and technological developments in carpet. It’s important to us to carry the modern styles and materials that you, our customers, want most.

Then, we visit the mills where the carpet is actually manufactured. We spend an hour or two at each of five to 10 major mills, looking through enormous piles of samples and picking the styles that match both our quality standards and our expectations and what we think our customers in the Denver area will like.

Once we’ve picked out the styles we like, we physically inspect the larger rolls, in many cases rolling them out to ensure that the irregularities are minimal enough to meet our standards. Once we’re confident that the carpet we’ve chosen is good enough, we begin negotiations with the mill owners.

In most cases, the rolls are shipped to our Colorado warehouse within a month of our visit, ensuring that we always have access to the latest styles, newest materials, and fresh inventory for you to browse. For our more budget-conscious customers, we also stock discontinued styles that the mills can no longer move for full price.

The Secret is Out

It’s that simple! As it turns out, our big secret isn’t so secret after all. It’s simply the product of years of expertise, experience, and industry connections. We can’t tell you exactly which mills our carpet comes from — we have to maintain a little bit of secrecy, after all — but as long as we’re able to keep delivering the best carpets at the best prices, we’re happy. Hopefully, so are you!