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Flooring Decisions – When to Choose Carpet

There are many decisions to make when remodeling a home. What color cabinets should I install? What material should I use for the kitchen counter? The list goes on and on. Today, your friends at Sloane’s Carpet Secret are here to tackle one of these important questions: flooring decisions. You will most likely be combining different types of flooring in your house, such as hardwood floor, tiling and carpet. Below you will find helpful tips for when carpet is the way to go and when another flooring option might be better.

  1. Noisy spaces: you might have a young musician around, learning the drums or maybe even the violin. Maybe there is a gaggle of teenagers hanging out in the basement all the time. It’s a smart idea to carpet these areas! Carpet absorbs sound much more effectively than other flooring, and therefore you will be able to keep yourself sane while still encouraging that budding musician.
  2. Bigger living spaces: Places like your living room are excellent for carpeting. In an area where people like to spend time together, carpet is a great option because it is soft and comfortable and gives a room a relaxed feeling. There is a larger benefit, however: It is less expensive. You will save money by installing carpet rather than hardwood in those larger living areas.
  3. Cold spaces: carpeting can act as an excellent insulator and it will keep your colder spaces, such as the basement, warmer. This means lower energy costs and happier feet!
  4. Damp spaces: If you select carpet for areas that often get wet such as the bathroom or laundry room, be sure you purchase carpet that is water-resistant. It’s really a matter of personal preference whether carpet is the right choice for you in these area.
  5. The kitchen: There’s no way around spills in the kitchen. Between cooking and eating, we spill at least a few times a day! That’s why we recommend wood or tile rather than carpet for your kitchen. You will be able to clean messes more quickly and thoroughly, which is important when you’re in the middle of whipping up something delicious!

How to Use This Information

Here at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we want to help you make informed decisions about your carpet from style to price to installation. Making choices about your home is always overwhelming, and we are on your side to help you find the best carpet for you! Call us at 303-300-9555 or contact us online today!


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