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Discount Carpet Store Tips: Insulate Your Home For the Winter

Forget holiday presents—your biggest winter expense by far is heating your home. And in 2013, the Energy Information Administration predicts this winter’s gas heating prices to rise 13% from last year. But your discount carpet store has tips to reduce your heating bill this winter, and we’re not talking about energy-wasting heated carpets. Sloane’s Carpet Secret recommends insulating your walls, windows, and attics in order to retain heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. It’s an investment that’s guaranteed to pay for itself before long.

Insulating an attic is the biggest energy-saver you can do, since heat rises and escapes through the top of your house. Insulating the walls of your attic, however small or large, is a great investment. Hire a professional or do it yourself!

Insulating a basement or crawl-space is also wise. Underground floors are often badly insulated, allowing lots of cold air (or water) to seep into your home. Even if you don’t heat your cold basement (a huge energy-suck), that cold air can still cool the rest of your house and waste lots of money and power.

Insulating your windows is another great money and energy saver. Some older windows are single-pane, allowing lots of cold air to seep through. Many modern windows, however, are insulated storm windows. They have two panes of glass with insulating air in between, and they keep heat in and cold out much more effectively. Also, insulating and caulking around your window keeps air from seeping through the gaps.

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Your discount carpet store wants you to have a discount energy bill, for the good of your home, your wallet, and our planet. Sloane’s Carpet Secret is here to help you have a happier life. We’ll make your warm, insulated home even cozier with discount carpet installation. Call us at (303) 300-9555 or contact us online.

What do you do to stay warm in the winter?