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Discount Carpet and Thrift Store Finds Enhance Your Home Makeover

Now that you’ve found the perfect discount carpet store, it’s time to add embellishments to make the whole room come together! Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, a new place to lounge, or a light fixture to add pizzazz, thrift shops are a terrific way to conduct a decorating experiment without taxing your wallet.

Be sure to walk into thrift stores with an open mind. Don’t like the color of stain on that classic dresser you found? No worries! That’s easily changed with a can of paint. Is the upholstery on that chair giving you flashbacks to the 70s? Never fear! If the structure of the chair is sound, many chairs and benches can be reupholstered in a cinch.

Deal-seekers know the key to success is patience and frequent visits to their favorite thrift shops. Don’t be afraid to ask each shop what days they put out new merchandise and when they will be having sales. Rumor has it that thrift shops in more affluent neighborhoods or outside of larger metropolitan areas have the best stuff. Wherever you go, you’re bound to find some of these items to enhance your home’s décor.

Picture Frames and Artwork
Thrift shops are an ideal place to snatch up picture frames with character that can liven up a room. Don’t hold back if you can’t find frames in a matching color. The beauty of spray paint is that you can unite a collection of items and sync them with the color scheme of your room. Thrift shops are also great for finding a new piece of artwork that you can repurpose.

Dressers and Accent Tables
Keep your eyes open for solid wood tables. Even those with nicks in them can be upscaled with a little wood fill and look glamorous with a new coat of paint and updated hardware. Creative thrifters can see a new life for armoires as TV stands and bedside tables as catchalls for mail and keys in the entryway.

Lamps and Light Fixtures
Pinterest abounds with repurposed ideas for lamps and light fixtures. It’s easy to turn that 80s brass chandelier into a focal point for your room with— you guessed it—a fresh coat of paint!

Baubles and Trinkets
Vases, cups and saucers, mailboxes, wooden ladders, and more find new lives as planters, pencil holders, and decorative shelves when a creative thrift shopper repurposes them. To keep your inner hoarder under control, assemble an ensemble of items with similar colors as decoration.  

How to Use This Information
After getting your discount carpet installed, you’ll be excited to complete the updates by adding new furniture, accessories, or artwork. If you’re willing to be patient and put a little elbow grease into repurposing thrift-store finds, you will save a lot of money and gain a lot of pride for a job well done. And, if you decide after a few months that the new “it” color is chartreuse and not malachite, the circle of life continues when you offload your malachite chair to become another one’s treasure.  And when you’re ready to begin another decorating transformation, Sloane’s Carpet Secret will be here to take your call!

What’s your best thrift shop find? Please share your pictures and stories with us!