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Learn What Design Pros Know about Thrift Shopping

After a marathon viewing session of HGTV, you can’t help but be inspired to make another one’s trash your treasure just like you witnessed from the pros with their own shows. In just 30 minutes, they salvaged and shined, painted and primed, carpeted and installed with the end result being a beautiful addition to their (or their client’s) home. “How hard can it be?” says the uber-optimistic voice in your head. WELL, it’s a whole lot easier when you know some of the secrets those pros know. Your home improvement experts at Sloane’s Carpet Secret have compiled some of the best tips for you.

There’s No Rush

You must commit to thrifting regularly. Yes, it is certainly possible to hit the mother lode and find a treasure that’s perfect for the place, use and price you want the minute you walk through the doors of the first store. More often than not, you will need to stalk the stores like the pros do and visit daily or multiple times a week.

Swoon-Worthy Splurges

Since the definition of what is swoon-worthy is unique to each one of us, there are really no boundaries to dictate what is worth a splurge, except for what makes you happy. Generally, antiques, something one-of-a kind or something that will become a focal point in a room is worth the splurge.

Examine Everything (Even Put it to the Sniff Test)

Things that are stained or have a stench are best avoided. It’s not worth the time and cost to refurbish, and oftentimes you won’t have enough elbow grease, even if you have the desire, to make a meaningful difference. Items that are badly damaged should also be avoided. Seriously evaluate if you have the wherewithal to complete a major DIY overhaul on a piece. Keep it simple and low-cost for the best outcome.

How to Use This Information

Since the design pros who love to thrift spent hours perfecting their craft, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to their advice. When venturing into territory where you have very little experience, learning from pros is a great strategy. And when you’re ready to select your home’s next carpet flooring, we welcome you to our weekend-only showroom so we can show you insider tips at Sloane’s Carpet Secret. Please call us at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to learn more about our premium brand carpet irregulars.

What DIY project of yours started with inspiration from HGTV or the success of another’s project? Tell us about it!