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Denver Carpet Installation: Add Rugged Design Elements to Your Home

Denver’s Carpet Installation Experts

When you want to add a rugged design aesthetic to your home you must first embrace and accentuate any imperfections and rough edges it bears. Then, add reclaimed (or exposed) wood and salvaged items (or new items that mimic a style of yesteryear) and join seemingly incongruent individual pieces together to make a masterful whole. The beauty of rugged design is that there is no perfect plan to follow. To get the creative juices going, here are some ways to incorporate rugged elements into your home’s design.

Rope In (rugged) interior design, rope is repurposed in ways most of us never imagined. How about hanging the sofa from the ceiling with rope to create a swing? From tables to beds, using ropes to hang furniture from the ceiling is a fantastic way to add ruggedness—and fun—to your home. If you’re not ready to commit that far, ropes can be used as towel racks and to hang light fixtures, shelves and mirrors.

Reclaimed Wood Virtually anything made of wood can be reclaimed and reused in your home. Try hanging a weather-worn ladder over your kitchen island as a pot rack. How about using an old wooden door as a coat rack? You can even throw the sandpaper out; the rougher the wood, the better. You can stencil or paint reclaimed wood for an original and rugged piece of art.

Distressed Paint In rugged design, sandpaper is used to distress paint rather than smooth out edges. Dressers, tables and wood floors can be whitewashed or painted and distressed to add ruggedness to the room.

Rugged Accents Bring some of the outdoors in when you accent your room with natural elements such as twigs, a bundle of wheat or even tumbleweed. Displayed in wire baskets, pails or milk crates, these can provide the perfect, not polished, finishing touch to your room. Vintage signs or diner menus are another way to decorate walls in a rugged way.

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At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we love the warmth of a ruggedly designed room. To add more comfort, please check out our weekend-only showroom and we can help you select a carpet that will suit your rugged room perfectly. Please give us a shout at 303-300-9555 or contact us online  to get details on how we can help you. What’s your favorite way to add ruggedness to your home?