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Decorating Tips For Carpeted Rooms

Not everyone likes wall-to-wall carpet, but we certainly do! It’s soft, warm, comfortable, and feels great under bare feet. That said, full rooms of carpet tend to be pretty neutral colors, and they can take some work to decorate in a way that adds some pizzazz to a few hundred square feet of tan or gray. Here are our best tips for enhancing carpeted rooms, without sacrificing the comfort that carpet provides.

Use Area Rugs To Layer

Area rugs are a great way to add some variety to the texture and color of your flooring. You can use an extra large rug to fill the room or a smaller one that draws the eye to a specific area in front of a couch or next to a bed, but however you choose to do it, rugs can make a big difference. Plus, they’re portable! Swap them out if your decor or your tastes change — it’s much easier than replacing your whole carpet.

If you do go with an area rug, think contrast! If you have a light colored carpet, a dark, bold rug will pop with color. If you have a short-fiber carpet, a shaggy rug will mix up the texture and catch the light.

Draw Attention Upward With Color

Since most carpets are neutral colors, you’ll have to supply the color elsewhere in the room. Colorful furniture is a good option, but furniture is large, expensive and hard to swap out if your tastes change. That’s where your smaller decor comes in!

Wall art, smaller furniture pieces, mirrors, throw pillows, bedding, plants, and other decor pieces can break up the single expanse of color and make your carpeted room look exciting and fresh.

Lean Into The Unified Color Of Carpet

There’s nothing wrong with neutral colors, so if you like the neutral look, embrace it! Keep your room decor subtle with light wood, understated furniture, and minimalist artwork to highlight the colors and shades of your flooring.

Play Around With Shapes

If you use a rug, don’t assume it has to be a rectangle! Ovals and circles can add a unique flair to a room full of carpet and make a great accent for a coffee table or dining table, and rectangular rugs and furniture can be set at odd angles to complement the shape of the room rather than just fitting in.