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Creating a cozy atmosphere

There are many ways to create a cozy atmosphere in your house: colors, furniture and decorations. One reason why people create a cozy atmosphere is based on changes in seasons. Because we live in Denver (where we have a strong showing of all four seasons) Sloane’s is always willing to help our customers try to pick the right design scheme to match the appropriate season. One of the ways to truly create a cozy atmosphere in your house is to update the interior paint. Warm colors work well for fall and winter seasons, and cool and pastel colors work best for spring and summer. Updating the paint color of your favorite room is always the first step in changing the atmosphere. For an easier change, look no further than the accessories. Try adding some colorful throw pillows or change the fabric on a couch or chair. Another way to accessorize is to add some colorful artwork to the walls, or add a throw blanket to match the pillows. Accent colors are a great way to add your unique personality to any room, either with colors or stylish fabrics. Carpets and rugs can also help create a cozy atmosphere to your favorite room. Carpet can add to the warmth of your home during the cold winter months. Rugs are also great for creating a cozy atmosphere. Adding a colorful rug to any room can bring out other accent colors, and provides added cushion for your feet if you have hardwood floors. Make sure to maintain the carpet and rugs in your room to keep the air fresh and clean. Experimenting with some lighting can also add to the atmosphere in any room. Adding light to a room can be basic from buying a standing floor lamp or adding a lap to a table. You can also go a step above by adding in some track lighting. Or you can get really creative and add some light by stringing a strand of Christmas lights on the ceiling or around a mirror. Not up for Christmas in August? Then add some candles. The flickers of lights will soothe your mind while the tiny flames work together to warm up the entire room. Creating a cozy atmosphere is a great way to keep your house looking good all year round. Sloane’s will be here to help with your creativity by providing the best discount carpet and discount rug in Denver.


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