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Denver Carpet: New Age Design Concepts for your Home Office

If you want to transform a spare bedroom in your home into a home office, why not take a look at some of the world’s most progressive companies—such as Pixar and Google—for inspiration? They’ve embraced a new age office design philosophy with creative and open space that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration to ignite “casual collisions” of creativity.

Interactions by Accident
Back in 1999, when Steve Jobs was the CEO of Pixar, he wanted to create an office space for the company that “promoted encounters and unplanned collaborations,” according to his biography.  This was the heyday of crammed cubicles placed under florescent lights that all but guaranteed the squashing of any creative output. Unfortunately, very little has changed for some companies, but those that have followed Jobs’ lead, including Google, have some of the most envied workspaces in the world. They make it a priority to include spaces where employees from different departments can interact “by accident” and where collaboration occurs because of close proximity and intentional gathering places that make it easy to mingle. Designers of Google office have one goal as told to the New York Times: “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.”

Open Spaces, Private Getaways
Many of these progressive companies favor more common areas over structured seating arrangements. Desks are devoid of personal tokens, and are therefore available to be used by anyone who might need that style of work station.  From café-style tables to tents to small rooms outfitted with dry-erase boards and toys, the sky’s the limit in terms of creating small collaboration rooms that allow two or more people to have a meeting of the minds. These offices resemble a college campus with lots of places to hang out, and forgo the singular office even for top executives.  Many offices take cues from the cities that are outside their windows; Google New York has fire hydrants and subway grates along a street—an area most offices would refer to as a hallway.

Fueling Fellowship
Google offices make sure that no part of the office is farther than 150 feet away from food whether it’s from a small kitchen to grab a snack and coffee to a full cafeteria. As those of us who have experienced guests congregating in our kitchens can attest, it seems we naturally gravitate and interact in places where food is available.

Taking it Home 
You can take some of the same philosophy to infuse into your home office workspace: comfortable surroundings, touches that make you smile and be creative, multiuse spaces that flex based on your need, and make your home office a place of happiness and productivity.

How to Use This Information
If commercial success is any indicator, Google and Pixar have a formula to follow to create creative and productive workspaces,even for your home office. Follow their lead and start your own office transformation. We have many Denver carpet styles to choose from, and we’re here to help. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online today!

What ideas would you like to implement in your office space?