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Colorado Carpet Store Tips: 7 Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Suggestions

The holiday season can be bittersweet for some. In many ways, it’s a happier time, when families gather and adorn each other with love and gifts. On the other hand, it can also be one of the most taxing times of the year on your wallet. Between gifts, foods, and end-of-the-year payments, it’s no wonder we’re all content this period only comes once a year. Even so, if there is any way to cut costs, then it should be pursued. For this reason, Sloane’s Carpet Secrets, a premier Denver carpet installation expert, has some elegant yet inexpensive suggestions that will allow you to save when it comes to your decorations.

1- Pine cones are in abundance across Colorado at this time of year, littered all over the ground. While ostensibly they may seem useless, they can actually make a very effective decoration. Collect as many pine cones as you can, and then paint them in an assortment of gold, red, and green colors. You can use them as ornaments on your tree, potpourri, or just clever decor throughout your home.

2- Speaking of using nature as your local decorator, you should grab some twigs and small branches. You could spray paint them a snow-white color to add a series of wintery flourishes throughout the house.

3- You are likely accumulating your fair share of holiday cards around now. Instead of letting them sit in a stack somewhere, why not use them to augment your home’s holiday spirit? Hang them on walls, along the stair-case, or along your other holiday decorations.

4- Arts and craft supplies are surprisingly affordable, and with a little creativity, you could make a plethora of holiday decorations. One such idea is paper angels, which can be placed in every room brandishing a table.

5- Knots and bows are practical instruments to keep items together, but they could also be used in decorative practices as well. Tie ribbons along pillows, chairs, and lamps for a more festive feel.

6- Ornamental lights are common this time of year, but the costs of them all can add up. Not to mention the toll they take on your electricity bill. Why not instead buy candles and make your very own luminaries? You can place them along your drive way, dining room table, or even just throughout your home. The best part is? You can make luminaries by recycling the various paper bags you’ve collected in your holiday shopping spree.

7- Think about all the food coloring that you’ve probably stashed somewhere in your kitchen. A clever way to reuse some of those is by taking any clear vase or bottles and filling them to the brim with water. Then, add the food coloring, and you will have yourself a nice, fluid coffee table placement for the next month.

How To Use This Information

Use some of these tips to brighten up your home without spending much money you’ll miss. With all that extra cash, think about paying Sloane’s Carpet Secrets a visit. A Colorado carpet store, Sloane’s also sells quality carpets and discounted rugs which you can use to add some holiday flare, or even just to replace that damaged or stained carpet before the relatives come to visit.


What inexpensive holiday decorating practices do you use?