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Choosing the Right Carpet Color For Your Home

Once you have your carpet style nailed down, choosing a color is the next step toward finishing your dream home. There are pros and cons to light colors and dark colors, as well as some additional considerations to take into account before you make a purchase from your local carpet store.

Lighter Colors

If you’re working with a small space, you may want to choose a lighter color to carpet your room. Lighter colors tend to make rooms look larger and thus can help you maximize your space. Lighter colors also bring a sense of open airiness to a room, so it can help brighten up a space that may not get a lot of natural light, too.

Darker colors

Looking for a more dramatic flair in your home? A darker carpet color may be the right choice for you. More fashion forward and bold, a darker color carpet can help bring a modern design together. However, you’ll have to be on top of your cleaning if you want to keep your dust bunnies a secret with a darker carpet. If you own pets with lighter fur and aren’t the biggest fan of your vacuum, you may want to skip the dark carpet and go for a more neutral tone.

Neutral Tones

Carpet Buying Tips: Carpet Color

Perhaps the most popular choice, a neutral carpet makes it easy to accessorize or change up your decor without worrying about the ensuing clash with the carpet. They also mean less restriction when it comes to the rest of your home decorating choices because a neutral carpet easily adapts to other color palettes in the mix.

Other Considerations

Of course there are other factors to consider when buying carpet. For example, if your favorite pastime is trying out the wide variety of red wines available on the market, you’ll want to steer clear of white or very light carpets. If you’re worried about not getting the color choice right, make sure to bring in swatches of fabric or upholstery, paint chips or other samples to the showroom. Your carpet specialist should be able to help you find a color with reference points that will work well with your decor while still achieving your carpet color dreams.

If you can’t decide on a color, never fear. multi-color carpets have been gaining popularity in recent years, so choosing an out-of-the-box carpet with multiple colors or textures may be the easy-to-maintain perfect choice you never saw coming.

How to Use This Information

Ready to pick that carpet color and fall in love with the future look of your home? We can help. If you’re still not sure about what else you need to pay attention to when it comes to the carpet buying process ,we have you covered with our handy¬†Carpet Buyer’s Guide. Check it out and when you’re ready to give your place a new look, we’d love to help.¬†Make an appointment online any time.