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Choosing Carpet Your Whole Family will Love

We think carpet is the best surface for most rooms in your house — bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, playrooms, children’s rooms — basically anything that’s not a bathroom or a kitchen! But every room has different needs and stresses, so it doesn’t make sense to finish the entire house with the same materials.

Luckily, we at Sloane’s Carpet Secret have a huge variety of carpets for every room and every taste, as well as the experience and expertise to recommend exactly what you need. Here are our best tips for finding the best carpet in every room.

Durable, Stain-Resistant Carpets in Hallways

Hallways and entryways see more traffic than anywhere else in your house. While we recommend that you don’t wear shoes on your carpet, sometimes you just have to run in for a minute, and your carpets will see the wear and tear as a result.

Choose a tightly-packed, closed-loop carpet for hallways. The closed loops are much more durable than the open strands of a cut-pile carpet, and dirt will stay on top of the loops rather than falling in between them where it can become trapped.

You should also choose a carpet with built-in stain and liquid resistance. Entryways are the places most likely to see rainwater, melted snow, and mud that can permanently stain a carpet and cause lasting damage, so the more protection that you can add into the equation, the better.

Finally, make sure to use an entryway mat. A sturdy, waterproof entryway mat that cleans your shoes as you come in can spare your carpet a lot of dirt, wear, and water.

Soft but Sturdy for Playrooms

Kids can be like tiny tornadoes when they play, so when you carpet a child’s bedroom or playroom, durability will be paramount — but you want a comfortable surface as well. Berber carpet’s dense, layered loops are a perfect combination of comfort and durability. 

If you’re concerned about stain resistance, look for carpets with a factory stain resistance treatment. The fibers will be treated with a stain-resistant coating before they’re woven into the carpet, ensuring that every part of each fiber is covered with a coating that will never wear or wash off.

Nylon is an excellent material for playroom carpets — soft enough to play on, but durable enough to withstand all manner of little feet and toys. You might also consider carpet tiles — they’re not as soft, since you can’t put a thick pad underneath them, but you can easily install and replace individual pieces if they get damaged or stained.

Low-Pile Carpets in Offices

Offices are the room in your house where you’re least likely to be playing on the floor, so comfort isn’t nearly as high a priority. Instead, you’ll want a dense, low-pile carpet that can stand up to the heavy furniture and rolling chairs that are common to offices.

A very dense, thin carpet is the best choice for a home office, since it will allow a chair to roll without an unsightly plastic mat. Carpet tiles are an excellent choice as well, since they’re solid and dense. If you do install a wall-to-wall carpet instead, use a very dense rubber pad underneath to prevent the floor from being too soft.

Luxury in the Bedroom

The master bedroom is the place in your house that will see the least amount of traffic, and you’re likely to be barefoot or in your socks while you’re there. That means that durability can take a backseat to pure luxury.

Cut-pile or modern shag carpet, especially with long fibers, feels great under your bare feet and provides a warm, comforting environment that’s perfect for a good night’s sleep. Long fibers with a cushy pad will also insulate well from sounds outside the bedroom, letting you turn in early or sleep late if you want.

Keep Your Carpets Clean

The best thing you can do to make your carpets last longer is to vacuum them regularly. We recommend that you vacuum at least once a week at a bare minimum. If your household has kids, dogs, or lots of foot traffic, then two to three times a week might be even better.

Regardless of what kind of carpet you choose for your home, check out Sloane’s Carpet Secret for a wide variety of name-brand carpets at discount prices. We have decades of experience and expertise to help you find exactly what you need for any room in your home, and our warehouse stock is constantly rotating to make sure that you find the carpet you love!