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Carpet Tiles Selected? Now, Let’s Go to the Flea Market

The perfect complement to the one-of-a-kind look carpet tiles give you may be found at the local flea market. In one centralized spot, you can find furniture, accessories and décor that might add the finishing touch to your room if you know the tips for successful flea-market shopping. Whether you are at the beginning stages of enhancing a room or are just looking for that final piece, read on to discover the possibilities of flea-market shopping.

So Much More than Fleas
Actually, the concept of a flea market existed long before the appellation “flea” came to be. The origin of the name is a matter of dispute; however, the most popular theory is that the term is a literal translation of marché aux puces (“market of the fleas”), which is an outdoor bazaar in Paris. The French bazaar was in fact named for fleas after they were found in the upholstery of furniture that was brought out for sale.

Today, a flea market—or swap meet—is a bazaar where people, amateurs and professionals alike, rent space to sell or barter merchandise. Most markets sell used goods, fresh produce, antiques, clothes and unique items that you won’t see on any big box store’s shelves. Whether held outdoors or in, they’re a fantastic spot to get that one-of-a-kind home accessory.

3 Tips to Find an A-MAZING Item

Shop Before 10 a.m.
Yep, the early bird gets the worm in this case. Most of the incredible pieces to complement your home will be found before the designers and professionals get their hands on them so plan to arrive as soon as the market opens. Of course, there are still really good items available after that time, but you might need to take more of a leap of faith and be open minded.

Go Big
Furniture and other big items will go first, so don’t allow yourself to get distracted with every bauble and accessory you come across if you’re in the market for big items. Circle the market quickly to see if anyone has what you’re looking for. Focus on the big items first, and then circle back around at a more leisurely pace to fill in with the smaller stuff. It’s always good to make a list before you go, so you won’t be distracted and forget what you’re there for.

Look Up, Down, All Around
Those that dig get the riches! Remember to focus not only on what is on the table, but also what’s underneath, overhead and even behind the vendor. You want to stay focused on your wish list, but allow your eyes to dart around to seek out what you’re looking for.

How to Use This Information
When guests enter our showroom for name-brand carpet, their remodeling aspirations typically include an entire room, not just floor covering. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, our goal is to get you name-brand carpet for much less than you imagine, to leave more money in your remodeling budget to purchase furniture and other accessories. When you find great deals at a flea market, the end result may be an entirely remodeled room! Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to let us know how we can help you.

Where are the flea markets that you like to shop?