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Carpet Styles for Every Personality

At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we know that the process of buying and installing new carpet can be overwhelming. There are so many styles to choose from and costs to consider, and most importantly, you want to make sure the carpet reflects who you are and works well in your space. We are always here to help with our amazing selection of discount carpets, and in this blog we bring you some insight into how to choose the carpet that matches your personality and lifestyle.

  1. Do you have kids and pets?
    While this question does not necessarily have to do with your personality, it does characterize your lifestyle and should be a major factor in your carpet selection. Generally, in areas where kids and pets hang out, a white or cream-colored carpet will meet its match fairly quickly. We recommend a darker or multi-colored carpet in these areas, or if you prefer a patterned carpet works well, too! These carpets hide stains and are more forgiving of messes than a white carpet would be.
  2. Are your walls sparse or covered in décor?
    If you do not have a lot up on your walls, a carpet can be a great focal point in the room. We recommend a color that pops or a patterned carpet in a lightly decorated room—the carpet will draw the eye in and make the room visually appealing. However, if you love art and already have a focal point, we recommend scaling back on the carpet to purchase a solid, light-colored carpet. Your art should be the centerpiece of the room!
  3. Are you staying put for a while or do you like to move around?
    Your home may be one stop on your lifetime of many destinations, or you may plan to stay for a long time. Knowing this about yourself can help when looking for carpet. If you think you will sell your home relatively soon, you should look at simple styles in neutral tones. People’s tastes are varied and neutral is the way to go for home sellers. However, if this home will be yours for the considerable future, you can venture more deeply into varied styles, colors and textures.
  4. Going along with the question above, do you re-decorate often?
    Some people move into their homes and never change the furniture or the décor around. Others get inspiration every few weeks and rearrange when the spirit moves them. If you are in the latter group, choose a neutral carpet. This will allow your creative juices to flow without needing to consider the color of the carpet. If you are the type to put furniture down and rarely move it, you may want to consider looking at patterns and more eccentric colors that will still match the room’s general ambiance.
  5. Do you like a lot of light?
    The amount of light a room gets can really affect how the carpet looks. If you keep the blinds open and have the lights on most of the time, the true color of the carpet will show. Make sure you pick something you really like! However, if you prefer your rooms a bit darker, we recommend a light-colored carpet. This seems counter-intuitive, but a dark-colored carpet will make the room feel even darker and smaller than it is if there is not a lot of light in the room.

We hope that these questions will bring you closer to finding the carpet that is perfect for you. Sloane’s Carpet Secret has also created a handy carpet-buying guide, which can help you further in deciding which carpet will fit best in your home. Read the guide here!

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At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we understand that selecting the best carpet for you and your home is a big decision. We love helping our customers find the right carpet, and we can’t wait to help you! We offer a huge selection of discount carpets and fantastic installation services. Call Sloane’s today at (303) 300-9555 or contact us online!