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Carpet Store Tips: One Man’s Trash

2014 is here! It’s time to trim some fat, not just around your waist, but around your budget as well. The truth is, the little things can add up, and that goes for even such minor things as decorations across your house. With all the expenses you’re sure to face in the New Year, Denver’s number one carpet store has some great tips to keep your decorations stylish and cheap.

With that said, some marvelous and creative ways you can save money is by going digging in your trash! We’re not kidding. As the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In this case, your trash can become treasure in the appropriate context. Before you jump into your trash can, let’s just make one thing clear. Actually going through your trash bag can be a degrading, if not a rancid experience. We are not saying that you need to subject yourself to that. Instead, before you throw one of these items away, consider saving it for some creative decorations!

For instance, with Christmas having come and gone, you might find yourself with some excess wrapping paper, both used and not. You can craft intricate origami pieces with the vibrant colors of wrapping paper. Another idea straight out of most college towns across the country revolve around your used liquor bottles and caps. Beer and wine bottles are often pleasantly adorned with ornate designs. When neatly congregated on a shelf or table, it can have a very appealing appearance. Conversely, as long as you are careful when removing the bottle caps and corks, you can place them in a bowl in the living room for some vivid potpourri.

Some more ambitious ideas may require you to search for items you wouldn’t normally find in your trash bin, but can still be considered trash. Cast-off crates can be found in any dump or industrial center, and they can be re purposed for wheeled carts to hold your miscellaneous items that just don’t fit anywhere else. You can paint the crate, add wheels, cut off the top, really anything, why not, you barely paid for it in the end. Even some of your raggedy clothes can be converted into some stellar décor. That old sweater grandpa gave you may be an eyesore on you, but with a little arts and craft work, you can turn it into a warm couch cover or place-mat. A carpet store wouldn’t recommend such a thing unless we were certain it could work.

Ultimately, recycling doesn’t just help the environment; it can help your home’s appearance as well. The next time you’re about to throw something away; take a minute to think if it can be repurposed for an intriguing design idea.

How To Use This Information

Take a long look at what you’re about to throw away before you, in fact, throw it away. A lot of what you throw away can substitute for the same kinds of items you spend hundreds of dollars to acquire from your every-day decorating stores. If you aren’t really sure if that piece of junk is really the your living room’s center piece, then feel free to stop on by to Sloane’s Carpet Secret, and we’ll be able to help you make a positive decision.

What items destined for the garbage have you repurposed for home decorating?