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Carpet Store Tips: 5 New Years Resolutions You Should Pursue in Home Decorating

January is the month for fresh beginnings. Despite the cold, many brave souls hit the running paths (or gyms) to shed their holiday pounds. Some people will begin eating salads for lunch instead of bacon cheeseburgers, and others will don nicotine patches to wean off their smoking habits. There are many ways to turn your life around, improving your health, attitude, and environment, but the changes that last are the ones you can see around you every day. Take your carpet store’s advice; let the New Year mark the start of major home improvement, and you’ll do things that will keep you smiling all year long.

Set these New Years Resolutions in home decorating!

Repaint Your Walls: Bright colors brighten lives! If you’re sick of looking at dark or drab walls, change it! Painting your walls is one of the most fun and easy DIY home improvements you can do. Pick up color samples from the home improvement store, take them home, and see what color(s) would work best with the room’s floor and furniture. Then, just lay down painter’s tape, cover up the floors and furniture, pour your paint into a painter’s tray, and start rolling! Use consistent, vertical strokes. Consider painting a layer of white primer first, especially if you’re painting over a dark shade.

Replace or Reorganize Your Furniture: Fixing a room’s feel may be as simple as moving some things around. Furniture layout affects the flow and comfort people feel in the room and around your house. Research cool room designs, or experiment with some of your own. If you feel that the color or shape of any piece(s) of furniture is throwing off the room, find something better!

Clean Your Carpets: Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is an easy chore with unbelievable results. Most home improvement stores rent carpet cleaning machines for a day or a few hours at very reasonable prices. Then, take that baby home, fill it up with detergent and water, move your furniture, and get cleaning! Once your carpets dry, their stainless splendor will bring your room back to life!

Recarpet a Room: Sometimes, carpet cleaning just isn’t enough to make a room pop. Dark colors, deep stains, ugly patterns, or just visibly old carpets can drag down the whole room. Using cheap recarpeting methods or adding fun floor rugs can transform a room’s mood entirely.

Set a House-Cleaning Schedule: Never again leave rooms in disarray. Set a schedule for yourself and everyone in the house to do the cleaning and tidying jobs when they need to get done. Sweep the floors every Monday morning; have the kids take out the trash every Wednesday night; team up to clean toilets and bathrooms every month; and so on. Space the chores and delegate responsibilities well and you’ll say goodbye to a dirty household!

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What home improvement projects do you have planned for the New Year?