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Carpet Store Ideas: Turn your Home into a Winter Wonderland

As Andy Williams might say, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And with that, comes the elaborate project of transforming your home into a winter palace that exudes holiday cheer. Sloane’s Carpet Secrets, a well-managed carpet store based out of Denver, knows exactly what it takes to outfit your home for holiday success.

The first step is figuring out what holidays you actually want to celebrate. While it sounds silly, this carpet store knows that there are other holidays beyond Christmas. Whether it be Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi day, or Yalda, there are decorations unique to each holiday. Unless you’re a believer of celebrating Festivus, Seinfeld’s made-up holiday celebrating every culture’s winter festivals, you should do some research into unique ornaments for the inside and outside of your home. The internet, library, and family are great ways to learn more about your appropriate holiday.

Knowing the decorations relevant to each winter festival is vital to successfully celebrating the day in question. Once you’ve gotten an idea of which decorations are appropriate, it’s time to add the fluff. After all, not all Christmas decorations are unique to Christmas. There are decorations that just look relevant to the season. This is where our suggestions will come in. The outside of your home should take up your utmost attention, as it is the portion of your home that is always in the public domain. Impress your neighbors by going all out. At this time of year, you can literally find decorations at any store. Fake snow, eye popping lights, large figurines, ice sculptures, decorated hedges and trees, these are the staples of any winter holiday. Add them throughout your yard, on your porch, even along your home, and make the neighbors envious of your creative vim and vigor.

Inside your home, you can add some more personal touches: A Christmas tree, a Hanukah menorah, anything that is central to your holiday’s traditions. Then, use that instrument as the center of your decorative planning. Ornaments, candles, small figurines, pictures, candy, potpourri, and festive glassware are just some types of decoration you can use to transform your home in time for the holiday season. Your relatives will be begging to stay the night. Enjoy this time, and happy holidays from one of the best carpet stores in Denver.

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Get moving on your holiday decorations today. Afterwards, think about paying Sloane’s Carpet Secrets a visit. A carpet store based in Denver, Sloane’s also sells quality carpets and discounted rugs which you can use to add some holiday flare, or even just to replace that damaged or stained carpet before the relatives come to visit.


What holiday do you celebrate this time of year?