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Carpet Longevity and Lasting Appeal

Carpet Durability You Can Count On

Carpet Durability | Sloane's Carpet Secret

The best measure of carpet durability is how well and how long it can retain its rich depth and clarity of color and the degree to which it can resist crushing, matting and the loss of its textural appeal.

Carpet yarn is typically formed by twisting two or more yarns together before tufting. Experienced carpet buyers know that the tighter the twist, the better a cut pile carpet will perform, thereby retaining its appearance.

Don’t sacrifice quality, especially in heavy-traffic, high-use areas. The highest traffic areas are usually stairs and hallways, and it is recommended to buy the best quality you can afford. Lower quality carpets may look fine in the showroom but they wear much faster, and need to be replaced a lot sooner. If you buy the best quality you can afford, you will save money in the long run, as you will not have to spend the money to replace it as soon.

Stop into the Sloane’s Carpet Secret Warehouse this weekend and our carpet experts will help educate you on the quality differences between carpet grades.  Your carpet budget goes further at Sloane’s so you can afford quality carpet that will look good for years to come.

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Mary Ann W. of Centennial

Very pleasant experience. When I had picked out my carpet I visited Home depot on the way home and found the same carpet about $2.00 more a sq yard. Thanks!