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Carpet Installers Suggest Ways to Add Latin American Flair to Your Home

There’s nothing that says vivir la buena vida (living the good life) quite like the spicy design aesthetic of Latin America. For many of us, fond memories of good times spent on vacation south of the border have inspired a desire to bring a little bit of it to our home. Whether you want to add an accent piece or have a grand remodel in mind, the Denver carpet installers at Sloane’s Carpet Secret have a few suggestions for elements to look for to ensure you have Latin American flair in your home.

Color Palette
Before you start shopping for carpet tiles or furniture, determine your color palette. Of course, since you want a Latin American vibe this will consist of brilliant blues, exhilarating oranges, passionate purples, deep yellows, rich browns and robust reds.

Outdoor Living
How about making your outdoor living space a tribute to the Latin American way of life? Just a step out your patio door could transport you to a world away. Outdoor living spaces are quite popular in Latin America. If you add a fireplace or chiminea, colorful clay pottery, comfortable patio furniture with lots of cushions and pillows set on top of a woven rug with lots of texture, you’ve brought Latin America to your backyard.

Baskets, Baskets and More Baskets
Quite simple, the addition of natural-color woven baskets as storage and decoration is a very easy way to bring the Latin lifestyle to your home. Woven and colorful textiles used as placemats, rugs, wall décor and blankets are other simple ways to transform your space.

Distressed Finishes with Dark Metal Accents
You can get a room full of furniture with distressed finishes and dark metal accents or just add a treasure chest from the same materials. Either way, this is the style of Latin America. Heavy, but intricately carved wood statues or wall hangings can be just the finish any Latin American room needs.

How to Use This Information
The energetic warmth of Latin American style is comforting in almost any home. Sloane’s Carpet Secret carpet installers would love to assist you in your room or home’s Latin American transformation. Just give us a ring at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to get started.

What is your favorite design element to add to your room or home to give it a Latin American flair?