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Carpet Installers: Fans of Fireplaces as Centerpieces for Rooms

Indoors or out, a fireplace is a commanding presence in any room and makes a natural focal point that you can accentuate even more with the decorating choices you make. Contrary to what you might believe, fireplaces don’t have to be dim during summer or in warmer climates. The carpet installers at Sloane’s Carpet Secret get to see a lot of different fireplaces when installing name-brand carpet in customers’ homes and have a few things for you to think about when creating a fireplace centerpiece.

So, You Don’t Have a Fireplace?

If your home doesn’t currently have a fireplace and you’re not interested in the mess or expense of building one, never fear! There are faux fireplaces that will be great stand-ins for the real thing for many homes and condominiums.

Think Outside—the House That Is

An outdoor fireplace was meant to be the centerpiece of any outdoor sitting area. Surrounded by seating and a table for you to set your BBQ meal on, outdoor fireplaces are favorite gathering spots any time of the year.

Simplify to Let the Fireplace Be the Star

It’s easy to overwhelm the space surrounding your fireplace with knick-knacks and pictures. Don’t do it! If you want your fireplace to remain the focal point and glimmer like it was meant to, de-clutter your space and select just a few meaningful items to showcase alongside the fireplace.

Seating Arrangements

Arrange seating and tables to surround your fireplace and there will be no doubt where you want your guests to congregate. The snap and crackle of the fire will add a delightful ambiance to any evening.

How to Use This Information

It would be our pleasure to help put the finishing touches on your fireplace centerpiece by helping you select name-brand carpet for less at Sloane’s Carpet Secret. We look forward to hearing from you when you call us at 303-300-9555 or contact us online.

What have you done to elevate your fireplace to be the room’s centerpiece?