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Carpet Installation in Your Client’s Home in 10 Days or Less

When your clients decide to sell a house, they’re making a huge decision — likely one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. One of their biggest concerns will be the amount of time that the house is on the market, because they’ll have to figure out alternate living arrangements while you’re showing the house.

For their sake and for yours, you’ll want to turn around a sale as quickly as possible. That’s where Sloane’s Carpet Secret can help.

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

The number varies, depending on where you live in the country. According to Zillow, the national average time to sell a house is 68 days from listing to close, not including 30 days of escrow. In some areas, that number is as low as 36 days. In others, it can be more than 150 days. That’s time that your clients don’t want to wait.

Of course, you can’t start the clock on a listing until the home is ready to list. Some homes need repairs, a fresh coat of paint, aesthetic improvements, or other work before they can be listed. And of course, in many cases, you have to wait until your clients move out before you can even start on the work.

That’s why quick turnaround is so important. You and your clients can’t afford to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary getting a house ready to hit the market. At Sloane’s, we know the importance of getting a house in tip-top shape as quickly as possible, which is why we can sell you new carpet and get it installed in ten days or less.

Why Replacing Carpet Matters

We know what you’re thinking: if time is of the essence, why bother replacing the carpets at all? Wouldn’t it save even more time to just leave them as they are? That’s true, but it’s not worth it — replacing the carpets in a home is one of the best things you can do for its resale value.

When a house is empty the flooring will take center stage. You want a home to be a blank slate for new buyers, and the flooring is a part of that image. If there are visible patterns of wear or dirt on the flooring when you show the house, it won’t make the house feel like their new home — it’ll feel like someone else’s old home.

It’s also a great opportunity to update the decor of the home. The median age of a home in the US is around 37 years old, and you don’t need to watch Stranger Things to know how much fashions and styles have changed since 1982. Even if the carpet was last replaced only ten years ago, there’s plenty of room to modernize. Newer materials, better stain resistance, modern Berber styles, and cool gray colors are a great way to make any home look new and chic.

Sloane’s Expert Installers

At Sloanes, we work with an expansive group of installers in the Denver area, each and every one of whom has been installing high-quality residential carpet for at least ten years. Their expertise and experience is unmatched.

What that means is that not only can they install carpet so that it lies smoothly and lasts for years, but they’ve done it so many times that they know exactly how to do so quickly and efficiently. We’ve pre-screened each of our installer partners to be sure that all of them use modern equipment and methods. We want the carpet we sell to last as long as possible and to look as good as possible throughout its lifespan.

Sloane’s carries a huge variety of carpets in a range of colors, styles, and materials, so we’re sure to carry something that you and your clients will love. If not, come back soon! Our inventory is constantly rotating as new carpets are added.

And best of all, we offer Realtors who sign up for our Registered Partner program an extra ten percent off our already low prices. That’s on top of the 50 to 75 percent you’re saving from retail. Save yourself and your clients money with Sloane’s, and turn around high-value houses for sale faster than ever!