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Carpet Company Reveals the Secret to Long-Lasting Carpets: Doormats

Even though we give our customers premium carpet up to 70% off, as a carpet company, we like to help our customers preserve their carpet for as many years as possible. One of the best ways to improve the lifespan of your carpet is to ensure you’re keeping the dirt outside and off your carpets. The great news is that keeping doormats and rugs at every entrance doesn’t have to be expensive, and can often be free!

Carpet Sample Doormats
We imagine it’s not much of a surprise to learn that we love to use carpet samples at Sloane’s Carpet Secret to create customized doormats. Sample tiles can be used along the edge of a full-size carpet tile to create a diverse design. Stay away from light colors and tiles that have a long shag for a more resilient doormat.

Rag Rugs
Three king-size sheets can make up to three rag rugs that are durable, washable and reminiscent of a simpler time. When you’re ready to get rid of your sheets, just tear them into 1-inch strips, braid the strips and sew them onto a part of the old sheet to make a rag rug. You can also use men’s work shirts and old T-shirts for a similar outcome.

Plastic Grocery Bag Rugs
If you can get your hands on more than 150 plastic shopping bags, you can make your very own plastic shopping bag doormat. Gather together your iron, wax paper, the plastic shopping bags and straight pins and work in a well-ventilated area. You’ll start by turning the bags into strips that will then be braided and coiled a la the rag rugs. Now that’s a wonderful way to go green!

How to Use This Information
A properly placed doormat—or several—is key to keeping your carpets dirt free and lasting as long as possible. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret carpet company we want to help you select the perfect carpet for the best price in town. Please call us at 303-300-9555 or online to learn all about our weekends-only hours.

Where else have you found a free or low-cost doormat?