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Denver Carpet Buying Tips

Tips for Buying Carpet in Denver

Whether you’re buying carpet for your home, rental, or office, it’s a big decision. You want to be sure you’re buying carpet from a reputable seller who is honest and has positive reviews. Unfortunately, there are retailers out there who are ready to take advantage of your lack of carpet-buying know-how. Because carpet isn’t something we buy often, educating yourself and doing research on the best places to buy carpet in Denver are the best ways to stay ahead of this and ensure you get the best value for your budget.

Here are a few carpet buying tips to make sure you get top value:

1. Remember – nothing is FREE. When you see offers for free carpet installation, free padding, or free extra rooms, don’t be fooled. To make up for these freebies, you may be charged extra somewhere else.
2. Cheap is cheap. Consult our guidelines on cost/quality tradeoffs, fiber selection and carpet padding to make sure you don’t make a carpet selection decision you’ll regret later. Shop for the best quality carpet your budget will allow. Simply purchasing the cheapest carpet you find will only lead to unhappiness with your purchase and the need to make another carpet purchase sooner, rather than later.
3. Insist on professional measurements. Purchasing too much carpet can unnecessarily cost you extra money. But purchasing too little carpet can do the same, especially if the carpet
you purchase is no longer available. Protect yourself by getting your space measured by a professional installer before you finalize your order. Not only will this ensure accurate measurements for your carpet order, they’ll be able to plan your installation in advance if they have a better understanding of the space.
4. Be cautious of warranty overpromises. Manufacturers’ warranties on carpeting are difficult to enforce. Talk to your carpet retailer about what they will do to guarantee your satisfaction after your carpet is installed.

For additional information on buying carpet and to learn more about the different types and padding, consult our Carpet Buyer’s Guide and use the measurement tool to prepare for your new carpet.