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Build a Home Office in a Corner

In this case, to “be backed into a corner” just might be a good thing. Start measuring your space to see what you have to work with, but don’t fret if it’s not large. When you want to add a place in your home to get down to business, there’s no need to designate an entire room for the endeavor. You would be delighted by the difference it will make to your organization and sanity if you build a home office in a corner of your home that is underutilized to collect bills and other paperwork that tends to multiply. Let’s take a look at the simple ways to update an underutilized space and turn it into a utilitarian place!

Make Use of Small Spaces

If you’re constantly doing the paper shuffle, moving piles of paper from your countertop to your table and back again as you struggle to find that elusive permission slip that must go back to school tomorrow, it is time to repurpose a corner or devote a small amount of wall space to create a work area. This small space can be in front of a window, in a corner or alongside a wall in a dining room, hallway or even your bedroom.

A Few Key Items Enhance the Functionality of your Workspace

The amount of space doesn’t dictate how awesome your corner office will be, but a few key items certainly will. Be sure your space has the following amenities:

  • Work surface—To have a truly functional space, you need some sort of flat work surface, but feel free to think beyond the traditional desk.
  • Storage—A corner bookcase, a cabinet with drawers and even baskets on top of your work surface can provide storage solutions to keep the clutter out of sight and organized.
  • Light—We love a work station set in front of a window, but if there is no natural light beaming down on your workspace, you’ll need to augment with a light fixture or lamp.


How to Use This Information

When it comes to setting up an office work space in your home, don’t overlook the often underutilized halls and corners of your home. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we have carpet remnants that would be the perfect finishing touch to designate your work space as the office area. Please visit us at our weekend-only showroom or give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to find that perfect carpeting for your needs.

What paperwork or organization conundrums do you need to solve with a home office space?