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Carpet Remnants are Worth the Look

Contrary to what the name might suggest, carpet remnants aren’t necessarily the leftovers from someone else’s carpet installation. Rather, they are simply smaller pieces, usually about 20 feet or less, from the end of a much larger carpet roll. What they can do for you is provide the perfect flooring option for smaller rooms at a terrific price. When you combine the already-low prices at Sloane’s Carpet Secret with the savings you can realize with short rolls (remnants)—typically about half of our already discounted prices—it’s truly a solution you should consider. Carpet remnants are often the right choice for your flooring needs.

Benefits of Carpet Remnants: Cost Savings and Convenience

There’s no doubt the biggest benefit of a carpet remnant is the cost savings. Oftentimes, remnants are purchased by retailers directly from manufacturers in bulk. This turns into a “win-win” scenario for the manufacturer, who might not otherwise be able to sell these pieces, and the retailer who can meet the demand of their customers for smaller, cost-effective flooring options.

Since you purchase a carpet remnant as is, you get what you get, but that also means you have the convenience of not having to wait for a special order. You can see and purchase the exact carpet that is immediately available to roll up and take away in your car.

If You Have Flexible Decorating Needs, Carpet Remnants Are a Good Choice

Remnant carpet is a good option for those who have flexibility in the color and style of the carpet needed for their home, since there often isn’t as much variety in remnant stock as there is with full rolls.

Additionally, you might need to search a bit longer for the exact size you need for your space when you shop just remnants. In some cases, the remnant piece might not be marked from the manufacturer any longer, so you might not have the exact brand and fiber of the carpet that you are buying.

We have a wide selection of carpet remnants for you to choose from at Sloane’s Carpet Secret and we typically offer additional savings on them through our weekly specials. We look forward to assisting you find the right carpet for your needs. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to let us know what questions you have about our premium brand carpet irregulars.

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