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Beyond the Frame: Affordable Ways to Hang Photographs

A wonderful way to turn a house into a home is to select new carpet from our carpet gallery or to find affordable ways to hang photographs of your family, friends and special memories. If you rely on traditional frames to showcase your photography, it won’t take long for the framing costs to add up quickly. The good news is there are many cost-effective and completely clever ways to frame your photos without exceeding your decorating budget.

Office Supplies Do Double Duty

Next time you find yourself walking down the office supply aisle or browsing at an office supply store, don’t overlook binder clips and clipboards as a wonderful way to display your photographs. You can use binder clips to secure a photo between two pieces of glass or acrylic. Or, you can make a gallery of clipboards hung on your wall. And an added bonus: It’s a cinch to swap out featured artwork or photographs regularly.

Clothespins Aren’t Just for Laundry Anymore

There are lots of intriguing ways to use clothespins and a clothesline made of twine or other string to display your photos. Strung over a doorway or draped over your dining room, a clothesline and pins allow for easy photo updates to your gallery. Clothespins can also secure photos to lattice or any other simple wood structures your mind dreams up.

Pinterest’s Favorite: Washi Tape

Basically masking tape, washi tape is made in Japan from paper or other natural fibers and is certainly more beautiful and colorful than the drab beige masking tape that lurks in most home’s junk drawers. You can easily construct a frame around your photos by using vibrant colors of washi tape, and at about $5 a roll you can complete your entire gallery for less than it would cost you to purchase one frame!

Make-Your-Own Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are meant to be displayed without any embellishment. There are several companies that offer to print your photos on canvas, but since it’s fairly easy—and a lot less money—to do it yourself, we opt to go the DIY route. All you need is a canvas, an 8”x10” photo, Mod Podge and a bit of paint, and you can have a canvas photo in no time at all, and for $5 or less.

How to Use This Information

When it comes to displaying your photos, it just might be time to think beyond the frame. Not only will you enhance your home with images that make you smile, but it takes less money if you use some of our ideas. That’s precisely what our experts at Sloane’s Carpet Secret aim to do each and every time someone visits our weekend-only showroom—put a smile on your face with terrific name-brand carpet for less. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to let us know how we can help!

What are low-cost ways that you have showcased pictures?