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6 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Real Estate Clients

In the real estate game, reputation is everything. More than 40 percent of your clients will come from referrals, and almost three-quarters of clients will give you a reference if you stay in touch. And since it might be a decade or more before your clients buy another house for themselves, you have to make every relationship count.

One of the best ways to make a lasting impression after closing the deal is with a meaningful, personal gift. If you give your clients something that will help them ease the transition to their new home or a new neighborhood, they’ll be sure to remember you and think of you when their friends need houses of their own. Here are a few ideas:

1. A Survival Kit

No, we don’t mean a knife and a roll of duct tape — a kit for surviving the big move! Moving is one of the most stressful things in a person’s life, and it involves a lot of moving parts that are easy to forget. Give your client a box filled with:

  • Paper plates and plastic silverware
  • Easy-to-prepare foods that can go straight in the oven or microwave
  • Coupons or gift certificates for local food places
  • A few rolls of toilet paper and paper towels
  • A bottle of wine to toast their new house

Helping them through the first few days in their new home, so they don’t feel pressured to unpack everything as quickly as possible will make them forever grateful.

2. Some New Carpet

You don’t always have the option of replacing the carpet before you finish a sale — maybe the deal moved too quickly, or perhaps the previous owners stayed in the house until the sale was final. Now that your clients are about to move in, it’s the perfect time to renovate that old flooring!

At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, our real estate partners can save their clients an additional 10 percent on carpet — that’s on top of the 50 to 70 percent off of other carpet retailers’ prices that we already offer.

And this isn’t just bargain-basement carpet. We offer factory irregulars of the top carpet brands from manufacturers like Mohawk, DuPont, SmartStrand, Sorona, Scotchgard, TruSoft, Anso Caress, StainMaster, and others. Starting in a brand new home with a brand new floor is the perfect way to set your clients on the right foot.

3. A Personal Gift

By the time your clients finish closing, you’ve probably gotten to know them a bit. Give them a gift that suits their interests and shows them that you care.

  • Do they love cooking? Buy them a spice rack, an excellent chef’s knife, or a cast iron pan.
  • Do they love golf? Buy them a few rounds at a local course. They’ll love the gift, and it’ll help them get to know the new area.
  • Are they looking forward to landscaping their new house or doing some DIY work? Consider a pair of work gloves or some new tools.

4. A Touch of Greenery

Moving into a new home can feel like moving into a hotel room — empty walls, empty rooms, the whole thing feels very impersonal before your clients have a chance to unpack and decorate.

A potted plant, a small tree, or a row of succulents in little decorative pots can brighten up the inside of a new house. Try to find a low-maintenance plant — you don’t want to accidentally shoulder your clients with a plant they can’t care for if they don’t have a green thumb. You can even get them a silk plant or plastic succulents that look as good as real!

5. Personalized Kitchenware

It’s easy to get custom glassware, cutting boards, coffee mugs, serving trays, or any number of other useful, functional items that your clients will take advantage of every day. Engrave the client’s name and the date (The Hendersons, 2019), so they’ll have a reminder of when their new life in this house began.

6. A Local Photo or Piece of Art

If your clients are moving into a home in Boulder, consider an art print of the Flatirons by a local artist. If they’re moving into Capitol Hill, how about a picture of the Capitol? Something that ties the new home into the neighborhood will help your clients feel at home in a new area.

Stay in Touch!

If you feel like you hit it off with your client, get a gift you can enjoy together! Make an appointment to go wine tasting, see a play, or grab dinner or drinks at a local place. Staying friends with your clients will keep you in the front of their minds, so when their friends ask them for a recommendation, you’ll be the first one they call.