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5 Simple Steps to Spruce up your Bedroom

Looking for a quick and affordable way to spruce up your bedroom?  Here are five simple decorating tips for revamping your bedroom on a budget:

  1. Accent Pillows – A few brightly colored accent pillows with fun designs are a great way to instantly transform the look and feel of your bedroom.  Add a dash of color to a drab bedroom, and maybe a fun design, such as stripes or polka dots.  This is an affordable way to add some color and some personality to any bedroom, giving it an immediate face-lift.
  2. Clean Up Clutter – The cheapest solution to giving your bedroom an improved look is to simply remove all the clutter.  Clear off odds and ends that clutter your dresser, as well as the random pair of shoes, etc. that may be cluttering your floor.  Doing a thorough job of clearing away the clutter is simple, free, and will make a dramatic improvement on the look of your bedroom.
  3. Redress your Bed – If the accent pillows aren’t doing enough to change the tone and color scheme of your room – redress your bed with a duvet.  Duvet’s are often times much less costly than buying all new bedding, and can completely change the look of your room.  Try a new bright color, or even a fun pattern, for a completely new look at a fraction of the cost.
  4. New Wall Décor – Another affordable fix to redecorate your bedroom is to add a new photo/picture to the wall.  If a painting is too expensive, you can get creative, and frame a poster, matted with some fun, decorative paper.  Cheap frames are available at most big box stores such as Walmart or Target, as are a large selection of posters.  You can also find a large selection of posters online, at very affordable prices.
  5. New Window Treatments – One of the most dramatic ways to make an instant change to the look of your bedroom is to get new window treatments.  This is another area where the addition of a little color can add a lot to the look of your bedroom.  Again, stores like Walmart and Target will have very affordable options for some great window treatment options.

If you find a great design for your bedroom but your flooring doesn’t match the look, you can find affordable carpet to meet any need at Sloane’s Carpet Secret.