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5 Interior Home Design Ideas for Beating the Winter Blues

It seems like just about all of us can succumb to the winter blahs to some degree or another when our coveted Colorado sunshine is shrouded during the winter months. That’s why your favorite Colorado carpet retailer has pulled together our top 5 interior home design ideas for beating the winter blues to help tide us all over until spring.

1.  Lighten Up
Research shows that the No. 1 cause of the winter blues is lack of daylight; specifically our brains’ increased release of melatonin, a sleep-related hormone that induces sluggishness, during the short winter days. To beat the battle of the blahs and gain a mid-July mindset, take a look at your home lighting. Boost yourself out of the doldrums by finding lots of places to add lamps or switch to brighter bulbs. For severe cases, you can even purchase a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) light designed specifically to shower you with the most beneficial rays from the light spectrum.

2.  Mirror Image
Mirrors can multiply the impact of better lighting in your room, so be sure to hang mirrors throughout your home to help reflect the restorative rays beaming from your light fixtures.

3.  Tickled Pink
Paint a room or even just a wall a color that radiates happiness to you. Color psychology suggests that a majority of people are cheered by yellow, brighter blues and greens, and even orange and red, but the palette is up to you!

4.  Nature’s Impact
Whether shells from the beach or sounds from the ocean, put a smile on your face by bringing elements from Mother Nature indoors. Several studies suggest natural wood in interior home design can even reduce your blood pressure! Don’t forget to create a comfortable place in your home where you can peer out to enjoy natural wonders.

5.  Go Green
The simple addition of a house plant can make you feel calmer, more optimistic and can reduce stress and fatigue according to the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Plus, live plants in your home can also remove toxins because they help to clean and purify the indoor air.

How to Use This Information
It is the time of the year when lots of people struggle with the winter blues. Simple and affordable enhancements to your home can make dramatic improvements to your mood. If you are considering updated carpet, a great way to get name-brand carpet for less is to shop at the Sloane’s Carpet Secret weekend-only showroom. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to let us know how we can help.

Tell us about the ways you combat the winter blues until springtime arrives!