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3 Ways to Save on Home Decorating

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. How would you like to be inspired with some great ideas on ways to save when you are decorating your home? Here are some proven ways to freshen up your home’s décor on a dime!

Make it From Scratch

Even if you are not a sewing expert, buying material and using it for sewing curtains and duvets is as simple as making a straight line. When you make these items from scratch, make sure your thread is the same color as your material. A hand sewn stitch disappears from sight even when it isn’t perfectly straight. There are guides on sewing machines to help keep your seams straight, and if you have one, you save time as well as money using it.

Watch the Classifieds

Online and print classifieds have an abundance of furniture, bedding sets and home accessories.  You have to visit the classifieds frequently to get a feel for what is available.  For online classifieds, don’t be afraid to request more photos if you aren’t sure it is what you want. For print classifieds, take advantage of multimedia messaging on your cell phone and have them send photos when you call.

Shop Thrifty

Thrift stores nowadays are NOT your grandma’s thrift store covered in dust. Thrift stores are collecting furniture and accessories from business closings and often have new furniture in the latest designs. You don’t have to limit your thrifty shopping to these stores only. Consignment shops and used furniture stores have great deals to offer.  Make your own offers based on your budget, and you may get a better deal.

These are just a few ways to do your home decorating on a dime. Sloane’s Carpet Secret has the highest quality carpeting in town at the best prices. Contact us so we can save you money and help you finish coordinating your home decorating with the right carpet for you.