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2018 Summer Carpet Trends to Consider

As you get ready to choose your next carpet, taking trends into consideration might seem like a silly thing. After all, this carpet is going to be in your home for years, it’ll weather countless seasons alongside you, why should it matter what the trends are the season you’re making the decision? Having an idea of what trends have stayed true over the years and what has faded in and out can help you decide what might be best for you. Plus, leaning into trends for carpet accents like rugs can be a fun way to update your decor.

summer carpet trends 2018 patterns


This is particularly good for rugs, but applies to full-room carpeting as well if you’re looking to add a little more visual interest to your home’s interior. There are a full range of patterns you can go for, from subtle to bold, and what best suits your needs will depend on the vision you have for your home. If you’re trying to stay on trend in a big way, consider patterns that highlight natural things like leaves and tropical plants, but if you’re looking for something more likely to stand the test of time, keep it simple with stripes.


This is pretty true of carpets year-round, but it’s especially important in the summer when you and your family are in and out and doing a hundred different activities, sometimes even running around the yard barefoot. You want your carpet to be resilient against all that summer dirt and grime that can get tracked through your home despite your best laid plans to keep dirty toes off the carpet. Thankfully, with technology like Smart Strand, which is available in a number of carpets we offer, you can trust that your carpet will stand up to your family’s wildest adventures without requiring constant cleaning.

Light Colors

Lighter hues have been the name of the game for awhile with carpet, and with good reason. Especially in the summer, when light is pouring in through the windows all day, light-colored carpet helps make a room look bigger, brightens up the whole area, and is easily combined with countless color palettes for interior decorating choices.


Though the previous point and this one may seem a little contradictory, it’s another trend worth considering. Sometimes, you want your home to look good without requiring crazy amounts of upkeep. We get it, you want to actually spend your time in your home¬†living¬†rather than making it look like no one lives there at all, but you also don’t want your carefully decorated and furnished home to fall into total disarray. More and more often, homeowners are looking for carpet that cleans easily. This may mean a darker color or a shorter pile, but it may also mean finding the right fiber composition to meet your needs. If you have pets and kids, your definition of easy-cleaning might be slightly different. If you’re rocking a full house that occasionally feels like a zoo, look into easy-clean fibers that may save you some time and stress without sacrificing comfort.

At the end of the day, “trendy” is really just a word to refer to what’s in high demand. The truth of the matter is, no matter how highly demanded a particular style is at a particular time, there are simply some things that, while they follow the trends, are simply timeless, as well. And carpet that you love, that highlights your home’s natural beauty, and can hold up to your daily life? That’s the real trend to follow this summer.