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12 Fabulous Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Have you ever visited a friend’s home and walked away vowing that you were going to “borrow” some of her/his ideas and give your home a beautification treatment? If your home is your castle and you truly intend on creating a haven of rest and beauty, every minute spent pouring into beautification is worth it! Here are some fabulous ideas we’ve come up with to give you some inspiration and spark some new ideas.

Unplug your dining room. Arrange candles on the sideboard, in the sconces and even in your chandelier. It is a beautiful, serene, warm look and definitely adds romance.

Go Natural
Purchase a tree in a decorative basket or planter and place it in your emptiest corner. Try using a fiddle leaf fig for its unique, platypus bill-like leaves. If you really want to create a unique look, place an up-light underneath facing up, or hide tiny lights in the branches.

Organize and De-clutter
Take a trip to the Container Store and buy dividers for all your drawers. Be sure to get exact measurements for all of them before heading to the store. Having organized drawers can be a life-changing experience. Your friends and company won’t necessarily see them, but you will see them and feel good every time you pull open a drawer. Sometimes an entire home makeover starts with organizing the interior, un-seen spaces which then spurs more and more organizing and decorating!

Dark Paint Contrasts
Try painting your baseboards a contrasting color such as Tuscan brown or dark gray. It’s similar to applying eyeliner to your face—it will make the wall pop and adds a designer feel to the space.

Go Angular
Consider arranging your furniture – and even carpet — at an angle. The entire dynamics of a room can be changed for the better with this tip!

D.I.Y. Art Gallery
Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy crown molding at least two inches deep, and nail it to the wall to create a picture ledge. A great place to do this is in a hallway, kitchen or family space. Purchase standard photo frames and fill with family photos and/or your children’s artwork. You can even change it around ever month or so. Your family and friends will love it.

Hide LED Lights
Buy plenty of battery-operated LED “Everywhere” lights that cost usually about $8.99 each. They look like small hockey pucks and come with adhesive on the back. Stick them under a coffee table, on bookshelves or place them behind an interesting object on a shelf for backlighting.

Try a New Style Lightbulb
Get rid of your shades and let your lightbulbs show in your sconces and chandeliers. Instead of using a traditional flame tip, try using clear Edison bulbs for a change.

Create Dramatic Light
Designers always say that adding black accents to a room adds drama. Try changing the color of your lampshades to black. It is much more dramatic and creates beautiful pools of light. If you want to add some bling, line the interior of the shades in shiny, gold paper.

Use Seasonal Accessories
Take whatever you have on hand – decorative bowls or wicker baskets work nicely – and fill them with seasonal foods like pears, apples or walnuts and repeat the item throughout your home. The multiplication is what creates the drama. During the holiday season, pine cones and colorful glass balls are lovely.

Closet Curation
Organize your closet by pursing and editing. Use beautiful linen-covered boxes in different sizes, shapes, and colors to respond to the different categories of items. Buy all new hangers in one color only. Add a personal accent, like scented shelf liners.

Add Light To Your Room
Hang an over-sized mirror across the room from a window. It will reflect the light and will actually double the amount of natural light in the room.

We hope these tips inspire you to add beauty to your home’s interior. If new carpeting is part of your plan, please come visit our showroom and let us help you select the most beautiful carpet selection for your home!