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12 Backyard Makeover Ideas

While the economy is still in the process of “bouncing back”, many homeowners are choosing to stay home more often rather than going out. This is a great opportunity to update your outdoor space with a backyard makeover.

Here is a list of backyard remodel ideas, guaranteed to spruce up your outdoor area.

  1. Replace old rotten, outdated decks with new concrete patios and concrete decks.
  2. Add an outdoor kitchen to your deck
  3. Plant a vegetable garden
  4. Grow an herb garden
  5. Buy some fun garden and lawn ornaments
  6. Plant flowers
  7. Plant a tree
  8. Add a hot tub
  9. Get a gazebo!
  10. Utilize an outdoor fire pit
  11. Get a comfy porch swing or fun patio furniture
  12. Add a fountain or small coy fish pond and bridge

This is just the beginning.  There are many ways, both large and small, to update your backyard space, creating the perfect vacation destination right in your own backyard.